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Séminaries and Team building


Our Aim/


Bring out the potential, the true nature of individuals. Make people dynamic, and put value on different character traits. Allow yourself to know your partners, your clients and your collaborators.


Our philosophy/


“The guide is the one who marks the path”

Expert in mountain rescue (film), I have often collaborated with the GIGN team with whom we have identical values.

Team work is the main value and I’m convinced that it’s the individual who makes up the group.

Without strong and stable unity, there can be no solid group and equally no projection on future actions.


Our concept/


Far from the stereotypical and rather ordinary way of running a seminary, we offer to create role-play situations which reflect reality whereby leadership skills and interaction between group members is primordial ( as in climbing, each member must be able to count on the others).

Decision making, organisation of tasks, defining objectives can all be done in a collegial way and you might be surprised to see that your people are so competent, and how much better we can be than we realise.

Surprise…dare…with an aim to reveal other perspectives and traits in an individual and as such, put value on their hidden potential.


Our catalogue has two main themes – time efficiency and communication

Team work......

Mountain rescue

Team spirit, leadership, decision making, risk evaluation, objectives....... life saving.

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Privileged relationships!

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