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Mountain Safety courses and autonomy session in Chamonix valley

" Climb if you will, but remenber that courage and strength are nought without prudence and that a momentary negligence may destroy the happiness of a lifetime "

Edward Whymper Scrambles Amongst the Alps !


It's better to use one extra piton than to lose 30 years of you life..

....French philosopher

Our concept of moutain safety is based on the premise that it is unthinkable to offer training courses in safety and self-reliance by presenting isolated modules in specific skills. We believe that the correct approach to mountain safety is a holistic one ! The pratice of outdoor activities in general, and mountaineering in particular, requires the very antithesis of the skills normally required in most of the tightly structured environnments of modern society.

Our approach, which is at once broad-based and yet extremely demanding allows you both to understand and put into practice a security strategy.

" The beating of the butterfly's wings " (which mathematicians and philosophers believe could cause a hurricane at the other side of the world ) provide an excellent model on which to build an understanding of the possible effects of our decisions and our actions. 

The mountains in winter

Our approach to mountain safety has been developed throught 25 years' experience withe the PGHM ( the French mountain rescue service run by gendarmerie )of Chamonix and as trainers within CNISAG ( national centre for skiing and mountaineering - live guards and rescue workers...) .This approach is based on the holistic model referred to above, and includes such transferable skills as : analysing situations...kwowing when to turn back.. group management..rescue and lifesaving skills ...)   

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The mountain in summer

In this programme we cover many aspects of mountain safety in summer months. These include genral mountaineering... rock-climbing...canyoning.... mountain walking... glaciers travel.. 

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